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Recession Proof Profits


Escorts are always in demand and, as such, an escort agency offers an almost recession proof income. Before you start an escort service there are several factors you need to consider. As well as the important question of whether it is legal to star tan escort service where you live, you also need to consider how you will find employees, and how you will attract clientèle for your escorts. Getting all of these ingredients right will mean a successful start to your service.


The Legality Of Starting An Escort Service


One of your primary concerns should be the legality of starting an escort service in a particular location. Location can play a big part in the ultimate success of your escort agency. Even if you stick stringently within the letter of the law, the fact is that an escort service may still be frowned upon in certain areas.

Check local laws governing escort agencies. Escorts are legal in many areas, as long as the service does not market sexual activities with their escorts. Of course, if the escort and client choose to take their encounter to that step then that is their prerogative. However, starting an escort service means providing companionship for your clients.


Escort Public Acceptance


If it is illegal to start an escort agency near you, then you need to find another location. Also consider the view of local residents because if they disapprove, even if escorting is legal, then they can make your life very difficult indeed. Certain areas, such as Las Vegas, are openly accepting of escort services. In contrast other areas are definitely not so open to the prospect so check long before you open your doors to an angry mob of disgruntled locals.


Providing A Range Of Escorts


The best escort services either concentrate on a niche, or provide a good range of male and female escorts. For a general escort service you will need escorts of both sexes and a good range of each. Tall, short, young, old, white, and Hispanic are just some of the preferences you will need to cater for. Hair color, build, and price range are also important. As well as expensive escorts you should have some less expensive alternatives available.


Finding Clients


Finding clients, as with any business, is one of the most difficult aspects when you start an escort service. Most clients are repeat customers or referred via word of mouth, but for this to happen you need an initial list of clients. Spending a few hundred dollars or more when you first start an escort service will reap dividends over time. The Internet has become a popular avenue for marketing escorts and escort agencies, while fliers, posters, magazine, and paper ads offering companionship services are virtually a staple marketing diet for the active escort service.


Your First Step To Start An Escort Service


By offering a high class service with a great range of escorts you can build a very popular escort service. The planning stage is critical, however, to ensure that you get a good list of clients when you open, offer a good range of male and female escorts, and you won't be faced by angry residents or law enforcement officers. The planning really is the most crucial element when you start an escort service.

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Start An Escort Service With Expert Assistance


Starting a new business venture is always a challenge. A new business requires that the business owner stick to the letter of the law, keep adequate and extensive records, and find out the relevant information to ensure their success. Advertising, best business practices, and optimization are also important steps in the establishment of any business.


Access To Necessary Information


To start an escort service, accessing or gaining access to this information is equally as important - in some cases, even more so. This can mean paying for an attorney, researching the vitals of an escort service, and plumping money into advertising simply to find out that a particular method of advertising doesn't often prove successful for escort services. Well, not any more.


The Escort Service Startup Guide


The Escort Service Startup Guide has been prepared, researched, and financed to provide access to all of this information in a convenient and much less expensive alternative. It negates the need to conduct extensive research, it provides legal information that you MUST know before you start and escort service, and it continues to offer guidance and assistance throughout the setting up and running or an escort agency.


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The Only Guide Of Its Kind


Nowhere else on the Internet can you gain this kind of information from such trusted and reliable sources. Don't forget that by buying this packed guide you really are saving yourself thousands of dollars and masses of time in researching the information that you have to know before you start an escort service. Without this information your service is more likely to fail, and worse still, you could be breaking the law.


Start An Escort Service


The escort industry is even more popular than ever. Men and women are looking for companionship with healthy, amiable, and good looking escorts and will continue to use the services of an escort agency that continually provides the goods. Discretion and professionalism are also a big part in starting an escort service and to ensure that you are able to offer everything that your potential clients want you need to be in possession of all the facts. Only with the Escort Service Startup Guide can you be sure you have this information.


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Why Buy The Escort Service Startup Guide?


The Guide is the ideal complement to anybody willing and able to put in the effort and start an escort service. Nowhere else on the Internet can you gain this kind of information and because we've done the research you can gain all the information you need to start an escort service successfully without having to pay thousands of dollars or spend months of time to get the access you need.


Choosing your escorts


The escorts you use will help determine the amount of profit you can make. Most profitable agencies offer a wide range of men and women to cater to every taste and unless you operate solely within one of the large cities and can attract the very best men and women you are unlikely to find the best profits only offering high class, expensive escorts. Below, we've covered some of the categories of men and women you need to try and offer your clients.


Red Light Escort




Although your client list will predominantly be made up of men looking for women, you may be surprised at the number of women that are also looking for a good escort service. Don't concentrate solely on a single sex when you start an escort service and try to offer a good variety of men and women. With that said, you should concentrate more of your efforts on finding female escorts because they will usually be in higher demand.




Again, the key is providing a good range of men and women from different ethnic backgrounds. Some of your clients will have a definite preference and may request one specific ethnic group. Alternatively, it also provides you with the opportunity to ask about your client's preferences.




Some of your escorts need to be young, some slightly older. The age of the escort is one of the more common attributes that punters ask for. When you start an escort service you will quickly get an idea of what your clients, in particular, are looking for but in the meantime you should get a good cross section. Preference will usually lean towards the younger end of the scale but be prepared.


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High class escorts can demand large sums of money from their clients because they are highly sought after. Typical fees for any escort start at $150 per hour and can rise into the thousands for the best looking and most pleasant. You need to provide a range from the less expensive to the most expensive with numerous options in between. Don't place all your eggs in one high paying basket.


Special Attributes


Some men will be looking for tall women, some for blonds. Some may want a woman that is well educated so that they can easily fit into a business meeting or business meal setting, while others may prefer a more down-to-earth companion. Over time you will be asked to meet a number of unique requests and the more of these that you can fulfill the better the reputation of your service.


Pleasure Escort


Start An Escort Service The Right Way


When you start an escort service and have attracted a number of escorts to work for your agency, you need to ensure that you have a good selection of men and women to satisfy your clients demands. Make extensive notes about the personal attributes of each of your escorts including appearance, intelligence, and ethnicity. Even if it doesn't seem important to you, it may be vital to a client that they meet one of these requirements.